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Black Skeletal Sunstone Cat Ear Earrings in Silver Hardware

Black Skeletal Sunstone

Zodiac: Aries

Black Sunstone is a newly discovered crystal that is known for its vitalizing, positive, and protecting energy. Its color ranges from deep red-brown to almost black opaque hues, and is distinguished by a particular metallic and iridescent appearance due to the inclusions of hematite.

Black Sunstone shares the signature healing properties of regular Sunstone crystals, which are joy, happiness and enthusiasm. It clears out negativity and replaces it with comforting sensations of optimism, empowerment and strong willpower to live your life with courage and inner drive. 

Just like other black crystals, Black Sunstone emits strong protecting vibrations. It protects you from negativity and being aligned with inharmonious/toxic energies or situations. It clears your mind and purifies your spirit to acknowledge different aspects of your life and to filter out the things that don’t serve you anymore.

Black Sunstone raises your sense of independence and self-efficiency so that you can feel fully empowered to rely on yourself to manage your life with success and efficiency.

Length: 0.6cm
Code: ER-SL0-SP44

*As this is a piece made of natural material, some flaws and natural inclusions will be present on the stone
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SABINE 2.0 - Black Skeletal Sunstone Cat Ear Earrings

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