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Necklace Sizing

To get the best fit, we recommend measuring your neck to where you want the pendant to fall

Step 1: Using a string to wrap around your neck ,mark the desired length where you'd like your pendant to be.
Step 2: Measure the string with a ruler or measuring tape.

Bracelet Sizing

Step 1: Use a strip of paper and wrap it just below your wrist bone (not too tightly or too loosely) where the bracelet sits.

Step 2: With a pen, mark the area where the string overlaps each other.

Step 3: Measure the start of the paper to where the marking is with a ruler. This is the circumference of your wrist.

Ring Sizing

Step 1:Use a strip of paper about 10cm long and wrap it around your finger.

Step 2: Use a pen or maker to mark the point where the end meet.

Step 3:Lay the paper on the ruler and use the table below to discover your ring size.