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Moonstone, Cat-eye Kunzite, Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz Elastic Bracelet in Rose Gold Vermeil Hardware


Birthstone Month: June
Zodiac: Gemini

A beautiful, rare gemstone named after the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings - it is said to help those who are in need of change or renewal. It is also believed to bring abundance and good fortune.

Moonstone's pale opalescent glow comes from within; it reflects light from its inner beauty without being flashy or gaudy. It has been called "the traveler's stone" because it was thought to help prevent jet lag by keeping one's energy consistent when crossing time zones.

 It can help you to move forward after a loss or change, and it can help you to let go of the past. Moonstone helps you to see that everything in life happens for a reason, and that every ending is also a beginning. It stimulates intuition, psychic abilities, and feminine energy.



Zodiac: Scorpio

Kunzite is a calming, relaxation stone. It promotes a peaceful disposition. It heals core soul damage and damage from past lives, reunites fragmented soul parts.

Kunzite brings us inner peace and find us a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It helps us focus in what we need so that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Kunzite gives off powerful love energy, promotes peace and purification. It helps one understand and interact better with others and brings love, peace and harmony. 

Kunzite can also help us let go of our fears and worries about the future and ease your anxiety and sadness in the Present. It will calm all the turbulence in your life so that you will enjoy peace and serenity.

Rose Quartz
Birthstone Month: January
Zodiac: Taurus

Rose Quartz is not only a gem of romance, it is also a stone of love and compassion. It is a stone that you should always have near to your heart because of its universal love properties. It has the power not only for healing romantic relationships but also those between friends and family members alike, as well as strong bonds with partners in every form--including married couples!

This stone's properties have been used to help with self-care activities like bathing or showering because rose quartz helps cleanse negativity while promoting positivity through its soothing touch on skin; they can be beneficial when caring about other people too!

It is also said to help protect the mother and unborn child from problems during pregnancy thanks to its deep feminine energy.


Strawberry Quartz

Birthstone month: January
Zodiac: Aquarius

Strawberry Quartz is an amazing stone that has the ability to bring energies of universal love into your life so that you can be amazed by how much the universe adores you.

This feeling of love will create in you a sense of personal importance that will enable you to withstand any obstacles being thrown at you in your everyday life.

Strawberry Quartz is also credited with the ability to clear negative vibrations and energies from all layers of the aura, from the physical to the spiritual.

Although Strawberry Quartz, like Rose Quartz, is aligned with the frequency of unconditional love, this crystal also has grounding qualities and can be used to work on the Base Chakra and the Heart.

Fits wrist sizes: 16.0 - 16.5cm
Code: BL-RG0-SP134

*As this is a piece made of natural material, some flaws and natural inclusions will be present on the stone.
*Free shipping to Singapore addresses for purchases over $100

MACKENZIE - Moonstone, Cat-eye Kunzite, Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz Bracelet

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