CHERE - Black Agate with Cinnabar Flower Ring
CHERE - Black Agate with Cinnabar Flower Ring


CHERE - Black Agate with Cinnabar Flower Ring

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Faceted Black Agate with Cinnabar Flower Centerpiece Ring in Gold Coloured Hardware


Zodiac: Leo

Cinnabar is a powerful stone that is used for personal and spiritual transformation and is well known for its own capacity to attract wealth. It is considered to be a breakthrough stone and used by people wanting to make a revolutionary change.

Cinnabar is said to aid those who seek love and helps the wearer to manifest their best and most attractive selves. It helps the wearer remove negative energies like inhibitions and self-doubt and replaces them with light and positive energies. If you’re someone who’s greatly distressed in life, possessing this stone may help you in having the confidence in the way life has picked for you to take.

Black Agate
Zodiac: Virgo

Black Agate is associated with grounding effects and protection just like the most black gemstones. During hard periods of life, this beautiful black stone will offer you its calming energy. 

Black Agate is a stone that gives stability and steadiness in times of unrest. So whether you’re about to make an important decision or if you’re about to dole out some tough love, this stone can help you make it through.

 Size: 18
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Collection: Floral
Bead Size(mm): 2.8