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Botswana Agate Wire-wrapped Pendant in 925 Silver Wire

Botswana Agate
Zodiac: Gemini

This stone promotes feelings of composure, inner stability and maturity, especially when you feel like everything around you is going to fall apart. Its protective and healing energies boosts self-confidence and gives a sense of security to keep you strong and brave amidst the challenges.

The energies of Botswana Agate will reassure that everything will be alright and that you will come out stringer from this experience. It also enhances your mental functions by improving your concentration, analytical skills and perception.

Size: Approx. 6.8cm x 2.8cm
Code: PD-SL0-SP13

*Chain for display purposes only. It is not included.
 *As this is a piece made of natural material, some flaws and natural inclusions will be present on the stone.

*Free shipping to Singapore addresses for purchases over $100

BENTLEY - Botswana Agate Wire-wrapped Pendant

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