Lady hand making jewllery

Hi, I’m Jolie. The designer, heart and hands behind the pieces that you see in JEMWERKZ. “JEM” is a play of the word “Gem” and the first letter of my name, and “WERKZ” are the pieces of work made by me.

I studied Architecture during my University days and left the industry after a few years to help out my parent’s Jewellery business. However, design has never left my blood.

I take pleasure in creating things with my hands and have dabbled in polymer clay art, painting and crafting until I finally chanced upon Jewellery making. It seemed that the stars have aligned for me when I could integrate what I do for a living with my passion for crafting.

Hence, JEMWERKZ was birthed.

Various jewellery and jewellery making accessories and tools

At JEMWERKZ, we hope to be able to bring beautiful yet affordable pieces of jewellery to everyone, without compromising on quality and genuinity of the materials and crystals used.

All our pieces are individually handcrafted, so no two pieces will be exactly alike.


Various bead necklaces and semi-precious stones

The JEMWERKZ experience ensures each unique piece is a blend of synergising gemstones and precious metals that cater to your unique lifestyle. Customisations for special events such as the blossoming of a new romance or achieving any of life’s milestones are available. Embody your memories with me at JEMWERKZ! All materials used in JEMWERKZ are authentic and genuine.