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Queen Conch Shell Ribbon and Mother-of-Pearl Ring in 14k Gold Vermeil Hardware

Queen Conch Shell

The soft mixture of pink and white is a popular power stone with women. It is said to gently bring out a woman's inner beauty and impart the power to be loved. It promotes maternity love and compassion for the wearer.

Queen Conch Shell is often used for increasing luck on the home front and brings the blessings of children. Wear Queen Conch to heal sins and hurts of the past. In ancient times, this gem was used as an amulet to bring long life and pure energy.


This is the iridescent layer of material, also as nacre, covering the inner shell of many molluscs. Mother of Pearl is considered an auspicious stone for women. The lustre and shine of the pearl resembles the beauty, grace, and elegance of a woman.

It is a protection stone that brings the gentle healing power of the sea. Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity, and adaptability. It helps to balance our emotions to become more harmonious. It also helps to enhance our communication skills and guide us in expressing ourselves in a more effective way.

Mother of Pearl is a powerful and very symbolic stone. It has the ability to attract wealth and generate a better income for whoever who wears the stone. Besides attracting money and good fortune, it also symbolises good luck and prosperity.

Ring Size: 18cm (approx.)
Code: BRG-VG14-SP12

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*As this is a piece made of natural material, some flaws and natural inclusions will be present on the stone.

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QUENTI - Queen Conch Shell Ribbon and Mother-of-Pearl Ring

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