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Recently Added

  1. CHIDORI - Purple Chalcedony with Freshwater Pearl and Clear Quartz Bracelet
  2. RIOKA - Blue Rose Quartz Earrings with Pearl Shell Flower
  3. RIMI - Madagascar Rose Quartz Earrings with Pearl Shell Flower
  4. RUNA - Madagascar Rose Quartz with Clear Quartz and Pearl Flower Bracelet
  5. PRIYA - Prehnite Wire-wrapped Pendant
  6. MAYRA - White Moonstone Wire-wrapped Pendant
  7. SAEKO - Strawberry Quartz Wire-wrapped Pendant
  8. LILIDH - Gem Lepidolite Wire-wrapped Pendant
  9. OPHELIA - Selenite Fox, Opalite, Clear Quartz and Aura Beads Bracelet
  10. JULIET - Guantamalan Blue Jade Barrel with Freshwater Pearls and Clover Stud Earrings
    Sold Out
  11. ONORIA - Obsidian Fox Bead, Lava Stones, Aura Beads and Obsidian Bracelet
    Sold Out
  12. GINO - Green Aventurine Chips with Jade, Clear Quartz and Green Clover Bracelet
    Sold Out