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Bracelet made with Sunstone and Selenite with a Jaguar Charm Centerpiece in Silver Plated Hardware

Zodiac: Libra

The stone of good luck and fortune, sunstone clearances all the chakras with its energizing properties. It also instills happiness through donating love to others or just being oneself without worry that one is not acting correctly enough society's standards
It dissipates fearfulness which helps alleviate stress while increasing vitality for an all around feeling great about yourself.

Zodiac: Taurus

Selenite is a great stone for removing anything that might be holding you back from achieving your goals. 

Selenite is a great stone for removing any form of negativity from your life, whether it be negative energies making you feel uncomfortable or depressed. It will also help make sure any negativity in the environment does not affect how comfortable or happy one feels, allowing us to move forward with confidence and ease. It also assists in realizing what we truly desire by clearing away all bad vibes!

Fits wrist size 15.0cm
Code: BL-SP0-SP16

*As this is a piece made of natural material, some flaws and natural inclusions will be present on the stone.
*Free shipping to Singapore addresses for purchases over $100

SACHI - Sunstone and Selenite Bracelet

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