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Bracelet made with Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Faceted Clear Quartz in Rose Gold Plated Hardware

Zodiac: Scorpio

Kunzite is a calming, relaxation stone. It promotes a peaceful disposition. It heals core soul damage and damage from past lives, reunites fragmented soul parts.

Kunzite brings us inner peace and find us a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It helps us focus in what we need so that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Kunzite gives off powerful love energy, promotes peace and purification. It helps one understand and interact better with others and brings love, peace and harmony. 

Kunzite can also help us let go of our fears and worries about the future and ease your anxiety and sadness in the Present. It will calm all the turbulence in your life so that you will enjoy peace and serenity.

Clear Quartz
Birthstone month: April
Zodiac: Aries

Clear Quartz is known for having high vibrations. This stone can clear the mind, body and spirit of clutter and can help to align the bearer with the highest form of themselves so that they may reach their full potential.

It has the ability to enhance mental clarity, to help with emotional stability and is popular in meditation and restorative work. It is often used for manifestation and can help to create more focus and clarity around a desire.

Clear Quartz has the power to drown out any noise from the outside world to create a pathway to your goals and turn them into a reality in the mind's eye.
It is a protective stone and can be used to amplify psychic abilities.

Fits wrist size 14.0-14.5cm
Code: BL-RG0-SP13

*As this is a piece made of natural material, some flaws and natural inclusions will be present on the stone.
*Free shipping to Singapore addresses for purchases over $100

KAORI - Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Faceted Clear Quartz Bracelet

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